Prepare supercilious smoothie with Smoothie blenders

Before seeing about smoothie blenders, let’s first get to know about what a smoothie is? Is it a juice or something apart from juice?  Smoothies are semi liquid type of drinkable that made from fruits, vegetables, and even combination of fruit and vegetable. Based upon our taste and needs these combinations of smoothies differ.

This is healthier-Smoothie or Juice:

Juice is made from fruits and vegetables by crushing them through the juicer. When the vegetables or fruits are crushed, all the vitamins and minerals present in it gets loosed and we drink only the liquid part that is just awesome in taste but has no health factor. Unlike juice, Smoothies preparation is something different. It is prepared in such a way that all the fiber content and the nutrient content are fully packed in it without losing any of it and it’s a good drink cum snack food item. As you have juicers for juice preparation, we have smoothie blenders for preparation of smoothies.

Why to use blenders for Smoothie preparation:

The core cause of preparing smoothie using blenders is that it provides smooth consistency to the smoothies. Let it be simple flesh fruit like banana or the harder one like apple or grapes, are blended with blenders of specific features and thus used in smoothie preparation. There are blenders which have features to crush ice into pieces. When such ones are used you can prepare chill and cold smoothies of your taste with less time.

Parts of Smoothie Blender:

Smoothie blenders are the tools with specification needed for smoothie preparation. The parts of Smoothie Blender are:

  • Stir stick: used for stirring while blending the ingredients.
  • Cap cover: This is a small cover like nozzle through which the required liquid is added to the smoothie.
  • Lid: Covers the blender, as while blending the ingredients may spill of.
  • Blending Jar: The ingredient needed for smoothies are poured into it.
  • Blending jar seal: Connects the blending jar and blade.
  • Blade assembly: Blade is the core part of the smoothies’ blender.
  • Spigot: Through this value the prepared smoothie is transferred from blender to the serving bowl.

Apt blender for Smoothie preparation:

In the market we may come across many types of blenders. It is our responsibility to think the need to buy blenders. If you are planning to buy blenders for smoothie preparation, then you have to look those blenders that are designed for smoothie preparation. The type of blenders available includes:

  1. Handheld or Immersion blender
  2. Traditional countertop blender.
  3. Personal Bullet blenders.
  4. High performance blenders.

Among the above mentioned blenders, the last two blenders are smoothie blenders.

Personal Bullet Blenders:

  • Prepares all type of smoothies.
  • Convenient and prepares 1-2 servings.
  • Can crush the ice to some extent.


High performance Blenders:

  • Can prepare any types of smoothie. Also uses nuts, milk, and others.
  • Best smoothie blender.
  • Convenient and prepares 1-4 servings.
  • Makes ice creams, complete ice crushing features.

Smoothie preparation in Blender:

We can prepare smoothie with help of blenders by following steps:

  1. Take the smoothie blender. Wash and rinse it properly.
  2. Load the Blending jar on the Blender.
  3. Choose the required ingredients for smoothie.
  4. Wash and chop the selected ingredients, put it in the blending jar.
  5. To mix the ingredient and for smooth consistency, liquid has to added. The liquid may be either milk or curd or yoghurt or soy milk. This depends upon the taste required by the consumer.
  6. For protein add cheese or tofu.
  7. To make the smoothie little healthier few greens may be added.
  8. Sweetener like honey, splenda is added for taste enrichment.
  9. According to the flavor needed we may add Flavoring agents.
  10. Close the jar lid. Start the blender.
  11. Once the ingredients are blended well, add ice cubes and turn on the ice crusher option in the blender.
  12. Once everything is smoothly blended, your smoothie is ready.
  13. Transfer it to the serving glass through the dispensing value.

Thus the smoothies that is made by smoothie blenders has the fruit completely liquefied without the loss of the nutrients and its fiber and the ice completely crushed without any clumps thus providing a smoothie which is chilled and smooth in its consistency.