Will AI take over the World?

For some of us it is the ultimate fantasy, but for the majority of us, it is nothing short of a dreaded dream. While Artificial Intelligence seems to be an inevitable fate that we are walking towards, the question remains if it will usher us in to the apocalypse or prove to be the next step in the evolution of the human race.

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Over the last decade we have seen rapid developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and countless technologies have made use of it in more than just one way. We have found several positive uses for AI so far with planes running on Autopilot, robo-readers, detection of spam emails etc.

When we speak of the possibility of AI taking over the world, we don’t mean that you may spot Terminator like machines in the near future or people in black suits doing ‘The Matrix’ moves in the London Underground. It may not appear in the conventional form as our filmmakers imagine it to be in the movies but it will definitely be seen in a more concealed fashion.

The Infant Stage

Unless the Pentagons and the secret agencies around the world are hiding from the rest of our race what progress they have made in AI, we have every reason to believe that AI is still in its infancy. In terms of both the conceptual and technological sense it is still relatively fresh and underdeveloped.

As of now, AI is being employed to make the organisational processes more advanced in nature. For instance, AI is helping applications to become more efficient and accurate in analysing data with the aid of machine learning.

The present state of AI is quite like that of a toddler which has only taken innocent steps so far and it is hard to fathom that one day it may turn into an all-consuming and monstrous power with a resolution to wipe away the human species and take its place.

Is it possible that we are twisting facts to suit theories? Because if we were to theorize to suit facts it is quite difficult to predict what should become of AI in the distant future.

It’s Definitely Growing

The pace at which every technology around us is developing is unprecedented and phenomenal. AI is one such technology that has displayed immense potential and clearly shows that there is scope for a lot more.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla recently remarked about the exponential increase in hardware capabilities as well as software talent which is now being invested into AI. With the vast amount of money being used to develop AI, it is almost certain that there will be a number of breakthroughs to look forward to in the near future.

The same limitation of uncertainty which we face in other aspects of our existence also makes it impossible for us to say with absolute confidence at what stage Artificial Intelligence will be in a few years from now.

We’re still in Control, But for How Long?

The fact that it is humans who are developing, controlling and programming AI can make us believe that we are in control and will most likely be in control for many years to come.

But can we really say with certainty that our own machines will never outsmart us? An eminent scientist of our era, Stephen Hawking also contemplated the possibility that AI may be able to take matters into its own hands and re-design itself constantly. He also warned that if we were to create something that matches or surpasses human ability we may get superseded.

Humans took quite many years to achieve the level of intellect that we possess today and designing machines that evolve faster than we do can be a real threat to our existence.

Now, ‘what is likely to happen if we pass on the baton to cyborgs?’ can be one of those questions that may not get answered in our lifetime. Maybe it is a topic best left to script writers and scientists. Could it be worthwhile instead to ask those questions to which we may hold the answers like ‘how do i secure my future?’ or ‘how much does a Will cost?’