No Side Effects, No Downsides, Mood Swings Controlled! Thank You Ultra Omega Burn!

In 2016, I was struck by a wonderful epiphany—a word I learned while flipping through the dictionary one day—that my being overweight had been taking over my life little by little until now, at the tender age of 19, I was willing to face the sad fact that I was at least 85 pounds overweight. True, this problem became exacerbated after I started taking medication for a thyroid condition.

My endeavors to get back on the right path began when I started eliminating unhealthy foods from my diet. Accordingly, I reluctantly gave up soda pop, fried foods and out-of-a-box-a-carton-or-a-bag foods. It dawned on me that hitherto-nasty-tasting veggies, fruits and so-called whole grains were not only good for me but also didn’t taste as bad as I had thought.

At about this time I began to do lots of research on the sciences of digestion and nutrition. In order to get back in shape, I started walking faithfully and consistently. I walked in the mornings just prior to school and in the evenings in well-lit, relatively safe areas. I began to see a positive change gradually and, yes, I lost some pounds. And, yet, it seemed that something was missing. I was eating much better than before (though not perfectly) but, still, I was in need of something that would motivate my body to lose weight more consistently and more smoothly.

Recently, I got Derek Evan’s “Desserts & Sweets for a Flat Stomach” from a friend. This book sort of opened my eyes to a wonderful new world of desserts and snacks that I could eat without all the guilt that regular desserts impose on you, if you have a conscience. It’s got things in there like “Cheesecake Pudding” and “Super Banana Sundae” and “Raw Pear Tart.” Except for the last one here, many of the desserts in this book sound sinful but actually aren’t—mostly because they don’t contain the traditional fattening ingredients you expect. The “Cheesecake” in “Cheesecake Pudding,” for example, doesn’t contain the same ingredients of a traditional “cheesecake” but, in spite of that, it tastes good!

Anyway, I started reading more about Derek Evans, other things he’s written and his unique views on how to lose weight. One of the things I like about him is that he’s into natural, safe and wholesome things. Lab-created chemicals can be bad for us but it’s unlikely we’ll get hurt with natural things—at least that’s the philosophy I find most promising and worth looking into.

Then I got to know about Ultra Omega Burn and I sort of fell in head over heels. First of all, thus far I haven’t heard of too many side effects or possible bad reactions. Maybe some will pop up along the way, but, knock on wood, maybe not. I’ve read about the benefits people are reporting: burn fat quickly time, get at that nasty abdominal fat doctors say is connected to heart disease, make your skin healthier, lower your bad cholesterol, improve digestion, can help control appetite. Have I seen any of these benefits working on me?

Well, let me just say that in the time I’ve been using it, I haven’t noticed any downsides. I have continued to lose a couple of pounds; I have plenty of energy; my mood hasn’t fluctuated like it did in the past; everything seems to be fine. How much can I attribute that to this supplement? I don’t know—and I’m being frank.

All I know is that, at this point, I only have positive things to say. And, if things keep going as well as they are right now, I’m going to start recommending Ultra Omega burn to everyone I run into. I like what Derek Evans has to say. Check him out and maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion.