Combating Alcohol Withdrawal Using Nature’s Superfoods

Like everything, alcohol has both benefits and serious drawbacks. Although normal consumption of alcohol shows some health benefits, many types of alcohol and levels of consumption are very dangerous. Alcohol is sometimes a very toxic and very addictive substance when it is misused or abused. Misusing alcohol can cause serious health and social problems.  It is estimated that alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, surpassed only by smoking and eating unhealthy foods.

With nearly 88,000 people dying of alcohol related issues per year, it is easy to see why it is a problem. Alcohol depletes vital nutrients from your body.  It stops proteins from being absorbed and prevents you from getting enough healthy fats and vitamins which are essential to maintaining your body’s functions. People who are addicted to alcohol also generally neglect their diet and their health, this causes complications on top of the problems that consuming large quantities of alcohol causes.

Fortunately, through a detoxification program and by making changes to your diet to include superfoods, you can reverse the dangerous effects of alcohol. You can find a reputable detoxification program at as well as a nutritional guide.

A detoxification and treatment program usually consists of counseling and medications to help you through your addiction to alcohol. You may speak with counselors, attend group sessions, and meet with an addiction specialist to find the cause and deal with the consequences of your addiction.

A good detox program may also include dietary and nutritional advice. It may include some information on superfoods. Superfoods are foods that contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals than other foods. They are considered generally healthier and better for you. In the case of alcohol abuse, they are foods that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help to repair the damage that alcohol does to your body.

These superfoods come in five basic groups. These groups are:

  • Proteins such as poultry, beef, fish, black beans, and almonds – proteins are the building blocks of energy and can help reduce fatigue associated with alcohol withdrawal.
  • Complex carbohydrates such as lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, and whole grains – whole grains and other complex carbs contain fiber and helps the alcohol leave your system faster
  • Leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach, romaine, bok choy, and Swiss chard – leafy green vegetables restore depleted vitamins and minerals.
  • Colorful fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, papaya, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and carrots – colorful fruits and vegetables replenish vitamins such as B9, calcium, and iron.
  • Cayenne, this is a spice that contains many of the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that alcohol depletes – cayenne can be added to anything that you are eating in order to achieve the maximum benefit of each food.

These superfoods may not cure all of the damage that alcohol does to your system but they can help you get back to a healthier state.

Each one of the superfoods will help you in your journey towards recovery. These simple dietary changes, along with a comprehensive treatment program that contains both medication and counseling can help your body and mind heal from your addiction to alcohol.