What Makes Bullet Proof Vest Essential for your Safety?

When you think about your security against bullets, then the only thing that could come immediately in your mind would be bullet proof vests. Yes! These amazingly designed vests have made the lives of certain type of people safe in specific situations. Professionals like policeman, army man, security guards and many others rely on these vests to a great level.

Ease of availability

Best part of these protection jackets is that they are easily and readily available in the markets. Whenever you feel yourself in threat and decide to buy a bullet proof jacket for yourself, then you must know that there are different categories of these vests available. It all depends upon you that how strong and threat resistant jacket you are looking for. It is basically the easiest way to protect yourself from any unfortunate threat or attack.

How do they protect?

Most commonly, it is believed that bullet proof vests only protect someone from bullet shots, but actually these body armors are efficient and strong enough to protect anyone from several type of injuries as well. according to many studies, it has been proved that it was due to these body armors because of which many people’s lives were protected in serious car crashes which otherwise could have been fatal incidents.

The best part of the manufacturing and selling of bullet proof vests is that they cannot be manufactured and sold in the markets without getting approved and authorized by National Institute of Justice. This department is leader in the field of ballistic testing across the globe.

Variety of styles

You will be pleased to know that there are different styles available in these vests. Every style comes with its certain advantages and disadvantages.

Covert bullet-proof vest

The main advantage of this type of jacket is that it remains under your garment and keep others unaware of the fact that you are wearing something for your protection. It means that if you wear this vest, then you will stay without being noticed by anyone around. The best part of these jackets is that they are made up of comfortable material due to which it can be worn for extended period as well.

Overt bullet proof vest

This vest can be worn over your regular garment. It is flexible, breathable and lightweight. It has weather resistant coating which keeps it safe during weathers like rain.

All in all, both type of vests will come with high visibility covers, pouches to keep your tools in and lastly, they come with quick release systems.

In case you are wondering that which type of people shall wear such type of bullet proof vests, then you must know that they are not only for policemen, army men and security guards, but they keep innocent common people safe in their day to day life. It has been seen that in many of those road accidents, in which people inside the vehicles were wearing such jackets, got safe as these vest mitigated the impact of those accidents on their bodies.