Top 5 Stationery items unknown to you

Enough of using the same old dreary stuff for our office stationery. This year (2019), refurbish your office with new and unique stationery that breathes fresh air into your work.

5 Unique Stationery Items You May Not Have Heard Of

Take a look at these 5 stationery items that you have probably never seen before.

  1. Kraft Organizer

Your office desk would be incomplete without a Kraft organizer. This fashionable and functional organizer is an absolute unit with all that you need to work efficiently. This complete tool can hold pens, markers, sticky notes, notepads, and even a calendar. Made of robust and eco-friendly Kraft material, this Kraft organizer is your definite desk accessory this year.

  1. Power Bank Book

Always busy at the office, you might often find your mobile phone’s charge draining due to incessant calls. Then, you search for a charging cable and electric outlet. Smartphones are powerful but the battery life remains a problem. No more such worries. With this novel power bank book, you have everything at your command and control.

A power bank book looks perfectly stylish and is effective at uts function. With its outer hard-bound, leather-look PU cover, it exudes elegance. Inside you have quite a lot. There is an in-built 4000maH power bank complete with both iOS and Android charging cables. You also have a spiral diary and a pen to help you take notes. But wait, there’s more! There is a visiting card and credit card holder too.

Wow, quite a collection, isn’t it? This is why a unique power bank book is a must-have for your office this year.

  1. Pen Stand With USB Hub

Pens and pencils are always strewn on your desk and you are always hunting for a dock or USB ports to charge your phone, laptop, power bank, etc. It’s time to fix two problems with one solution. How? A pen stand with a USB hub.

This unique pen stand has 3 USB ports to help you charge your devices. Now, you can store your pens while charging your gadgets. Easy, economical, and efficient, this pen stand with a USB hub is a must for your office.

  1. Card Duo – Visiting Card Holder

This unique and sleek visiting card holder with a magnetic flap can hold your visiting cards upright on your office desk. You can also fold it and keep it in your pocket. It’s one of the stationery items you absolutely need.

We all know the importance of business cards. Now, quit wasting time hunting for visiting cards to handle out to visitors, clients, and guests. The cards are all right there in front of you at your desk, just where you want them with this unique Card duo-visiting card holder.

  1. Mobile Stand Cum USB hub

You have undoubtedly invested a lot of money in purchasing the latest mobile phone in the market. Equip yourself with a suitable mobile stand that can hold your phone on your office desk steadfastly. It’s time to order this mobile stand which also doubles up as a USB hub to adorn your office desk as great office stationery.

These unique office stationery items are distinctive in their look and functional in their design and can define 2019 for you.

You can order one or all of these items for 2019 online. Tailor-made to suit your budget, these can be acquired in bulk to be offered as 2019 corporate gifts to your clients and employees. Easily customizable, these stationery items will make a lasting impression on those who receive it.

Acquire these unique stationery items for your own use or gifting purpose form a reliable gift provider for perfect quality and peerless design.