Bhang Abheshek

From  the early Vedas to the present Holi today, bhang has always been the most traditional element which is involved while celebrating the festival of colors. Often associated with Lord Shiva, Bhang has also been synonymous with Holi festival.

Carefully made with exotic leaves and flowers of the female cannabis, consuming bhang in any form is considered to be fun and an energy booster!

While every one of us know that consuming Bhang can leave you feel light throughout the day, it is important to know the importance of this drink during the festival of Holi.

What is Bhang?

Bhang is the most traditional part of the Holi festival in India. In India, Bhang is basically prepared using leaves and flowers of the female cannabis which allows a person to get high!

Bhang is consumed in different forms but the most common way of consuming it is in a form of drink. In India, Bhang is consumed in the form of a liquid which is prepared using poppy seeds, almonds, pistachio and rose petal conserve.

The religious significance of Bhang?

Lord Shiva’s love for cannabis is not hidden from anyone. Once Lord Shiva ran into the fields after having incarnation from his family and slept under a leafy plant. When he woke up in the morning, his curiosity led him to chew the leafy plant. From that day, Lord Shiva made this leafy plant his favorite food thus making him famously known as the Lord of Bhang

According to the Indian history, cannabis is known as the source of “joy” or the source of “happiness”. Recognizing the strength of the cannabis over a human, it is regarded as the “penicillin of Ayurvedic medicine”.

Intoxication is forbidden by Muslim but this community consumes cannabis in a high amount. Muslims have identified cannabis as their cure for several health problems slowly leading to an addiction to this.

Bhang on Holi?

Bhang is so much related to Holi that it is now one among the most common Holi beverages. In fact, no Holi will be complete without having a Bhang party in it. Bhang is consumed while playing the festival of colors as it allows the masses to enjoy the festival to the fullest and eliminate any reservation or hard feelings for others. It is known to elevate the spirit in the masses enjoying the festival thus leading to spread love, joy, and happiness around.

The different ways to consume bhang on Holi.

Bhang lassi or Bhang milkshake is the most well-liked form of bhang frenzied throughout the country. Mainly relished during the festival of Shivaratri or Holi, bhang is well thought-out to provide ultimate relief and recreation to the body that can make anyone forget the worries of life and that’s the reason, even tourists prefer to practice a dose of it during the colourful festivity. Though these days many artificial bhang tablets and golis are on hand in the market, but health experts suggest ignoring them, as they are weighed down with artificial chemicals that can cause possible damage. It is always recommended to consume fresh bhang prepared in mortar and pestle.