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We can see each year hundreds of new films releasing worldwide. Some goes to be big hit on the screen while some to be average and others could be flop. Each film’s producer and director invest their money very carefully to create a good picture but even it, some films could not be able to get that much popularity. It is due to the fact that each film must have strong story with perfect timing of comedy, action, horror, drama, adventure, sports and other genres. It is little tough to get the audiences point of view and that’s why some couldn’t able to get popularity or it could be flop. If audiences like the film then, it automatically cover the cost of making the films and get so much awards with high earnings and reputation. Hit films always have sequels to earn more and to touch the heart of the visitors.

Some of the best known series which are very popular among the world as Dabangg (Indian film) having 2 sequels and one more going to release in 2018, Bahuballi (Indian film) having two parts – introduction and conclusion, resident evil (USA film) having 7 plots, Harry Potter (Made in UK) having 8 parts, Fast and Furious (USA film) having 8 plots, Pirates of Carribean (USA film) having 5 plots, Mission impossible (USA film) having 5 parts and more are on the way, James Bond (USA popular film) having 24 sequels, Ong bak (Thai film) having 3 sequels, Kung fu panda (made in china) having 3 sequels and many more. You can watch new release movies online for free full movie in HD on our website. There is no subscription fee and even you can download it completely for free in HD to share unlimited with your family and friends.

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