8 Special Cakes to Present on a Housewarming Party

The day of housewarming is always special. It does not mark the occasion of somebody moving to a new residence, it symbolizes the beginning of a new phase in one’s life. From shifting to a new residence for work, to moving to a new place, the eve of housewarming is always special. Marking this grand day, he or she throws a spectacular celebration. Be immersed in the joyful mood as the flames of gaiety and zestfulness are lit. Treats are shared, decorations are hanged all across the walls, and greetings are exchanged, as all the house warmer’s dear ones gather together and celebrate this event.

Special cakes for the day of housewarming

What better way to celebrate the beginning of this wonderful episode in his or her life than by presenting a scrumptious dessert in the form of a cake? Soft, mushy and delicious, a cake is a perfect dessert to savor on this splendid eve. Here are some of these delicious cakes that you may present to the housewarming party hosts, immersing yourself in the delightfulness of their grand celebration.

  1. Ferrero Rocher cake – With a coating of crunchy solidified liquid chocolate over a filling of whipped cream, flour, and baking soda, combined with a sprinkle of white vanilla powder, and multiple Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls at the top, none can resist the temptation of not being enamored by this cake.
  2. Strawberry cake – Popularly known as thestrawberry blast”, the infusion of the most delectable strawberry essence in the spongy goodness of a strawberry cream filled cake, and topped off with a small amount of crunchilicious chocolate truffle, this cake is the perfect delight for the eyes and the taste buds.
  3. Kit-kat punch cake – With multitudes of Nestle Kit-Kat bars surrounding a pool of liquid chocolate, the Kit-Kat cake is truly splendor to savor. What better way to celebrate the delight of a house-warming eve than by this delicious cake?
  4. Coffee cake – The coffee cake is a delight to cherish. With the most aromatic coffee cream imbued in a sponginess of a cake, and a small number of white heart-shaped chocolate pieces on top, the coffee cake is always a joy and delight to gorge upon.
  5. Vanilla fruit cake – A cream-filled froth of vanilla infused with an assortment of all natural fruity delights comprising of kiwi fruits, peaches, and cherries, in spongy embrace of a cake, this cake is truly a culinary delight, all should savor at least once.
  6. Vanilla Cherry cake – This cake is lovingly called the “Vanilla Fun” by many. Consisting of a mix of the most delicious vanilla cream and several succulent red cherry toppings, this cake is truly a delight to behold for your taste buds.
  7. Belgium chocolate cake – Made from the finest Belgium dark chocolate and topped with a couple of succulent red cherry fruits, this cake is a wonder to always taste and enjoy. From being with your friends or celebrating house warming with your family, this cake caters to the joy of all.
  8. Cake brew – When coffee is mixed with cake, magic happens. Such is the magical splendor of the cake brew. With vanilla cream intermingling delicious and aromatic coffee cream, this cake is definitely a wonder for the senses.

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