Why city property for your property management needs?

At the city property management firm our target is on exceptional management of condos, homes and townhomes in the Arizona communities. If you own a residential investment home and are looking for expert city management, look no further! We provide full city property management services, including leasing, tenant screening, marketing, accounting, and maintenance. Our status is the best in the area just ask our present clients.

City property management services provided

Rent collection through use of our rental management portal on our site. All rent is collected electronically.

Owner disbursement are completely customized through  our accounting system, offering our clients with ACH payments openly to their bank account.

Owners statement are accessible 24/7 through the owner portal on our site. This permits our owners to access all past, present, and year-end statement at anytime, anywhere.

HOA enforcement is support by our office staff. Each owner must forward any HOA violation notices to our office, and we inform and enforce such violations with the tenant.

Why use city property management solutions?

Avoid hassle & same time

We manage late night tenant phone calls and urgent maintenance problems, so you do not have to interrupt your daily life. Plus, we have the licensing, knowledge, and insurance necessary to understand and obey with regulations,  including fair-housing, tenant-landlord law, and evictions. Our experience keeps your time and helps you reject costly mistakes.

Stay informed & organized

Whether you live around the corner or 1000s of miles away, you will know what is going on with your rental property. Your password-protected internet account provides access and notifications to financial statement – all in single place to keep you organized. And if you need something else, your local property management team is just a phone call away.

Trust on professional expertise

Thousands of investors and rental home owners in Arizona trust city property management. Our highly professional specialists are prepared to meet the demands of property management, twenty-four hours a day. We know what works, what rents, and how to get more from your asset.

Get competitive prices & guarantee

We help property owners get market rent, reject general mistakes and place quality tenants quicker. Further, many local offices provide a big range of programs and guarantees, to provide you the reassurance and recurring income you are seeking.

Regular inspections

Professional inspections of your property both inside and out are valuable to make sure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease and assess property situations. Photographs and documentations from these inspections help in determining required maintenance and repairs to maintain in your homes worth and reject costly repair if left unattended.

Comprehensive accounting

Our aim is to increase your income and decrease your expenses. To keep track of your expenses and income we use a centralized accounting system. This all-inclusive reporting and accounting system, backed with itemized statement of tax documentation, keeps all your city property management financial information managed in one place.

City property management solutions offers each property owner client a password protected through internet account for simple access to financial reports any time you need.